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Sick Boy’s Bandit Blog:  Never a dull moment.

March 4,

What a month! This series we had people drugging people, people being set on fire, people that look like goats, all sorts of stuff that sounds more like a psychedelic Jersey Shore. Hang on tight though, March is going to get a little crazy (psst! you may or may not be meeting some of the kids) and I promise you, stuff will be hitting the fan and there will be no shortage of mischief and philosophical queries. Although I have to confess, I surprised myself a little with that last chapter but hey, enough of me basking in my own narcissism this is time for announcements.

Bandits on Twitter

Charlie has been extremely bored this week and has also discovered Twitter. Unfortunately he is still figuring things out so you can expect a bandit Twitter account to follow next week.

The Fragrance of Pain

Yesterday saw the release of a more serious episode of where JC and I tackled some intense stuff like, oh I dunno, the problem of pain. so be sure to tune in.

That’s all for this week, next week will be sure to tune in Monday for the beginning of an all new series here on Bad Blood Bandits.

Cut Down: What The Critics Say

Feb. 23

As always I’m more than a little excited about what’s going on with our favorite senior citizens but this week I’m excited for a few reasons (get your mind out of the gutter!… you know who you are…)

As you may or may not know, last week was the release of Cut Down. Here’s what the critics are saying (qoutes can be found at #Hashtagfairytales)

“Sickboy and JC are the reason I got into the business! Thank you for the inspiration!” –Edward R. Murrow

“Our famous ‘Who’s on First’ sketch was lifted almost directly from an unaired episode of this 2012 podcast. So glad to see Sickboy and JC again.” –Abbott…or Costello…whichever was the short fat one

“I don’t get it.” –Kim Kardashian

“I would have them on my famous FDR Fireside chat if not for my distinct disability…you know, being dead.” President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“If I were to rate this show on a scale of one to one-thousand, I would give it a solid 9-9-9!” –Herman Cain

“This show is the reason I created electricity!” –Thomas Edison

“I love these guys!” –Jesus

Check us out on iTunes

Next week: a very important Bandit-related twitter feed…

Feb. 9

Sometimes profound, sometimes absurd, always insane: just two masters of mayhem shootin the breeze.

JC: The other day, I woke up and I wasn’t in my bedroom where I’d gone to sleep, I was in some strange room. I forgot I had taken a trip to Virginia beach, my immediate thought was “Oh crap, I’ve been teleported!
Sick Boy:  Woah wait a minute! You wake up in a strange room and your first thought is teleportation?
JC: Well yeah, naturally.
Sick Boy: If I woke up and I saw that I was in a different room you know what I’d do?
JC: I’m guessing lose control of your bladder.
Sick Boy: No! I would look around, see that I was clearly not in my bedroom; I’d think ”friggin wizards!” roll over and go back to sleep.
JC: Really? Wizards?
Sick Boy: Oh, because teleportation is so much more plausible!
JC: As opposed to a coalition of malicious wizarads? Of course!

That was a transclip (transcript+audio clip) of the upcoming podcast Cut Down with Sick Boy and JC.

First, let me answer your questions:
No, these wizards are not from the Harry Potter universe.
No, JC does not stand for Jesus Christ (it stands for Jacob C. Howard over at

Yes, this will be your favorite podcast ever (like for ever and ever)

Cut Down is a series of not so rare yet unique conversations that are somehow have been recorded on tape and presented as a podcast. Some are serious quandries about the ever unresolved mysteries of life, some are unique insights  on modern art and culture. Most are just two rabble-rousers cutting each other down with all the tools of smartassery at their disposal.

Tune in next week for the premier episode….

Feb. 2

I’m really excited about a certain announcement next week but right now I need to calm everyone panicking about some changes.

So, as you peruse your favorite story-telling serial blog (Bad Blood Bandits), you may have noticed a new page up top entitled Dramatis Personae.

Yes, that is the dramatic change.

It is a new addition as of a couple hours ago and, for those of you who don’t have the patience to read a play (no blame there, they are meant to be performed) a Dramatis Personae  page is where all the characters are listed with a brief description of who they are and their relation to each other.

A page like this is also used in Russian novel because the names are freaking confusing but if you are in the habit of busting out the occasional Tolstoy or Dostoevsky then, chances are, you have the patience to read through all the crap on this blog so I’m not really worried about you and we can chat about existentialist Russian lit some other time

I am, however worried about the people like me who can’t read more than a couple pages at a time without getting bored and that’s why this blog is here.

So check out the new page if you are lost and stay tuned next week for that special announcement.

Don’t get caught,

Sick Boy.

So go check it out.

Jan. 26

Before I start rambling on some sort of crazy Unifying Theory of Life I would like to thank all of you for staying with me for the Papillon prequel episodes for the past two weeks. This coming Monday I promise that I will have more skullthuggery (I have no clue what that means, I just heard it on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride), hi-jinks and overall banditry for you.

Speaking of banditry, I’m pretty excited about the February series coming up. You’ll be seeing plenty of  mild, inter-rest-home-violence and (and by “mild violence” I mean “crochet-needle wielding-residents”), narcotics and smartassry (feel free to incorporate that into your everyday vocabulary) and that’s all well and good but honestly, I’m getting pretty excited about all the symbolism starting to pop up.

This symbolism may or may not have something to do with the 7 Deadly Sins and may or may not be showing up on the Dramatis Personae page next week.

That’s all for this week though. Tune in Monday for the beginning of a new series.

Dont get caught,

Sick Boy


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