An Explanation Of The Blog

This, my friends, is a series of page-long episodes following an old man trying to escape from a run-down convalescent home along with his weed-smoking friend. There may or may not be some classical symbolism going on.

Here’s how it works:
Every week  I post a new chapter. Each chapter belongs to a “series” (that’s British for “season”) of about five episodes.

Archived series are collected in pages on this site (such as “Series 2: Communion of the Lost”) so you don’t have to spend your lunch break scrolling down to the beginning.

You will notice The Bandit Blog Archives listed above. This is where the Bandit Blog Posts go when there is a new episode so as to keep the blog feed uncluttered and easily readable.

You will also notice a Dramatis Personae page. That is there to help you keep track of the characters (there are a few of them). I read a Russian novel recently and unfortunately some of it has rubbed off.

Read on young ones no matter how old you are.


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