Dramatis Personae

I realize it may get confusing at times with all these characters running around so to help you (the reader) out I (Sick Boy) have constructed this page as a guide to all the characters and the locale to help keep track.

The Home: A convalescent home where children send their parents to be ignored for the rest of their lives. This establishment is well guarded by attendants and designed for cheap disposal of your relatives until they die.

Jackson: The hero of our story, Jackson is stubborn and headstrong. With a tendency for Hubris, melancholy and smartassery, he is fixated on escaping his wrongful imprisionment in the Home.

Charlie Reynard: Loyal and more than willing to cause mayhem around the home, this one has become Jackson’s best, and perhaps only, friend in the establishment. He suffers from short term memory loss as the day goes on; this, he self medicates with a few narcotics and beverages.

The Warden: Apathetic and sometimes cruel, This lady wants as little to do with the Home as possible. She would rather be sitting at home with a cheap bottle of wine and forget about all the old people but when she is at work she rules with an iron fist and ruthless methods. Her given name is Cameron and she hates it with almost the same passion as she does the Home.

Janine: Obsessive about her crafts (as well as minor details such as having only one color of bingo chips or the silverware placed correctly)and vindictively manipulative this gem is never above using violence to get her way. Mock her not unless you want to see what a knitting needle shank feels like.

Marilynn: This fun loving lady shares a table with Jackson and Charlie at meals and likes to flirt with Charlie when he is lucid or sober.

Lars: Usually a little judgmental about his surroundings, this old man is one you’ll have to keep an eye on.

Grant: Born and raised in a humble home in upstate New York, this one has a longstanding feud with Chesley

Chesley: This one was born with a silver spoon in hand and raised in the American South. He tends to be a little racist and doesnt skimp on the snobbery.

Luke: A self-absorbed and vain attendant/guard

Donald: A black-haired attendant/guard with a goat-like face and a nasty temper

Nodding Oscar: no one really knows a lot about him because he is usually napping and thus prevents social interaction.


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