The Untouchables

Previously on Bad Blood Bandits: Jackson, out of incessant curiosity and a certain amount of banditry, broke into Grant’s room to find out what he had been up to and found a homemade still.                  

              After standing there and trying to make sense of what he had seen, Jackson quickly made sure he hadn’t touched anything and made his exit. He was still a little confused about what he had seen although unsure about his own expectations.

As he closed the door from the outside he noticed Grant coming down the hall towards him. He couldn’t be certain if he was discovered so he did his best to act natural. Unfortunately for Jackson, after spending as much time as he had with Charlie, normal looked very suspicious.

“What are you doing?” Grant queried with an obvious reservoir of rage.

“I was walking until you asked me,”Jackson stoically held the opinion that stupid questions deserved stupid answers. This was perfectly normal.

“Okay smart guy,what were you doing?” There were cracks forming in the reservoir.

Every instinct within Jacksonpushed him to come clean and not continue the charade.

“I was just making sure it was locked.” Years of habit pushed harder. “Obvious! Ridiculous! You stupid old man!” He thought as he nervously assessed the widening cracks in Grant’s reservoir. It was common knowledge that Grant brutally beat his children in rage on a regular basis. With great discomfortJackson noted the swelling in Grant’s deteriorated but still potent arms.

“Fine! I was snooping around in your room! Ya happy?” However forwardly confident he may have said it, his pride was still in sad shape after having to admit defeat. Grant let down his guard. Being lied to was a much greater sin than being spied on.

“Tell anyone and you’ll be leaving this place for good.”

“Nobody would care enough around here if I did tell.”Jackson’s nerves had returned.

“You know that new attendant?”

“The kid?”


“What about ‘im.”

“He’s a regular Eliot Ness. Won’t let anything go on here ‘less it’s in accord with the rules an’ even throws some a his own in there.”

“What about the others, how do they feel about ‘im?”

“They’re alright with him. Think he’s a little strange since he pretends to care or somthin’.”

“Well you don’t tell on Charlie and I don’t tell on you? How’s that sound?”

“Everybody knows about Charlie.”

Jackson paused for a moment. Charlie’s activity was common knowledge but there really wasn’t anything they could do about it. Stopping Charlie was like hunting gophers; you plug the hole on one side and they just come out another.

“What about if I help you? To rat on you would be to rat on me.”

“What like partners?”


“You’ve never been the drinking type.”

“Types change when you’re bored as hell.”

Thus was born an uneasy partnership.


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